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John Ashton’s favourite photo

We decided to ask John Ashton, “what is your favourite photo and why”? Here’s his answer…

You’ve asked me a really difficult question so I’ve decided not to overthink it and have selected one of three shots I chose for my favourites of 2019. This is Alex Wallace of Harrogate Ladies scoring a try against Bletchley in a promotion play-off at the end of last season (at Newark Rugby Club). As you may know she has since become a member of the Scotland squad. She’s a great player and a great person.

I’m probably reading too much into it but her obvious joy at scoring the try also shows happiness at being in the moment and playing the game she loves. You know how the celebration of some players and squads is aggressive, fist pumping, full of grimaces; more designed to intimidate the opposition than actually celebrate? I once heard a Doncaster Knights player say, “That was a good celebrate!” As he was a reserve and not actually playing at the time, I asked him what he meant. He confirmed that it was all about scaring the opponents.

There’s none of that here. It’s pure happiness that a move practised hundreds of times has worked. A love of the game.

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