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Yorkshire Wartime Cup 1940

The Yorkshire Wartime Cup was played for only once. Travel restrictions and petrol rationing plus many Yorkshire clubs closing down during the 1939-40 season, mainly through a shortage of players, meant that after the first season of wartime rugby a…

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Leeds Chirons RUFC

Leeds Chirons existed from 1930 until 1988. Prior to 1930 the club was called Leeds Education Office Sports Club, and for two seasons after 1988 it became known as Oakwood following a merger with Kitson College rugby club. Chirons had…

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First to Fifty: Jack Toothill

John Thomas (Jack) Toothill was the first Yorkshire player to play fifty times for the county appearing between 1888 and 1895. Reverend Marshall in ‘Football – the Rugby game’ explained, Toothill “is a forward of the old type, and has…

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